A sister company of broadhead, the Granite Business Group is a consortium of companies focused on providing our partners, best-in-breed business services.

Built through concept development and acquisition, the specialty-focused companies within the group provide leadership in sales, management, marketing, staffing and training. Its current portfolio includes Clutch Business Advisors, LLC and Rabbit L.I.V.E. Intelligence, LLC.

Through defined focus and expertise, the Granite Business Group will drive growth and innovative solutions for its clients. True to its name, Granite brands are built on foundational elements of customer intelligence, human behavior, research and business consulting.

Practical Experience. Business Expertise.

Clutch+ Business Advisors is a customized consulting firm, with real-world know-how to create competitive advantage for your business. Our network of executive- and director-level professionals will leverage their industry experience and business expertise to uncover unique solutions that you won’t get from a big-box consulting firm.

Great Accomplishments Require Disruption.

Rabbit is a L.I.V.E. Intelligence™ agency fueled by applied anthropology and the right data. We strive to gather and analyze data that indicates how the modern world is changing — and deliver raw material and new thinking to fuel better decision-making and innovation in real time. A catalyst for your organization to achieve great things.





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